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High quality, affordable, reasonable priced full and top grain genuine leather and suede bags as well as other luxury accessories. Designed, manufactured or sourced for the Customer who yearns for quality timeless pieces.
High end stores offer similar ranges but at exorbitant prices.
Our Mission is to make high end quality designs accessible for the quality driven customer at affordable prices.
Our offering will be treasured during your lifetime and will be beautiful, worn and adored by generations to follow as well.
We use only the highest quality top and full grain genuine leather and suede leather. Traditional ‘Nappa’ leather skins we found over the last decade to be rarely offered to the South African customer because of its expensive raw material costs. Instead most leather goods being marketed and sold as genuine leather are tanned from hides of game like Antelope, Kudu, Buffalo etc. The finished experience of these types of game hides can be hard, not luxurious and the product is heavy in weight, and hard to the touch. Antelope leather althou soft and beautiful, it does thin and tear quickly and will not, in our experience, be a lifetime end product. Our cow and sheep nappa and suede leather designs are lighter in weight, soft and the touch and feel is luxurious and beautiful.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Hire full time machinist
Finish end products… I have a lot of raw materials and designs which unfortunately has come to a standstill due to lack of funding

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