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Business Name: Bonfire Smiles Galore
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#Bonfire is an awesome creative house compromising of bonfire chat nights events, bonfire adventures.onfire parties and Bonfire Atmosphere.

We provide entertainment by bringing people from all walks of life together around a colorful bonfire through music, games,colorful lights, fun and food. This is all in a mission to motivate the masses to go for their wildest dreams and passions.We charge an entrance fee at these events.

We also do kiddies parties where we create an atmosphere based on the theme requested(We are mad and mean when it comes to this.

We also offer bonfire at other events, campsites, team buildings and much much more.

We also do bonfire adventures which comprises of roadtrip to some of the fun, amazing and cool places in Gauteng(at the moment).

Bonfire is basically based on Art, live entertainment from different creatives, creativity, fun & games, food, candy, self interactive motivation through games stress free zone environment.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would first invest in some of the equipment for our overall set up( We are able to do a bonfire atmosphere set up everywhere and anywhere uopn request.
Some of the money will definitely into our brand awareness, marketing, websites, flyers, revamp of our social media pages and other forms of marketing.

Some of the money we will keep as cash flow so that we don’t have to use money from our own pockets all the time for a client/s.

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