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Q&A Business Solutions is a 100% female driven business initiative.
Coming from a culturally modest family. We learnt that balancing business and the responsibility of running a house, marriage, family, friendship, business and yourself is something not for the faint hearted without support, understanding, backup, motivation and love. It takes a big chunk of your identification to please everyone and the hat you wearing at any given time of the day. Raised to see challengers rather than problems we are driven to find a solution. The resources it takes to get the result. Gaining knowledge assisting, building and rising above the fear ,is and has been without a doubt the best reward.

Many years our greatest challenge was putting a monetary value to this. Three years now we have charged for our service and barter traded some.

Q&A Business Solutions would like to extend our services to our community with a Business Lifestyle venue. Where we are able to host workshops, transfer our 22 years of knowledge of various business sectors. Invite speakers to our community through our neighbour care initiative. Raise awareness and support to our elderly coping with everyday expense through our CSI Golden Oldies. Creating a platform to our clients, customers, speakers and coaches. A platform to bridge the gab of the entrepreneur by assisting them with much needed resources and assistance.

To assist one person makes a difference in the lives of a family five. A difference that could change and shape of our community.

Our services:
One stop shop to entrepreneurs looking for advice change ideas or find help. Entrepreneurial workshops. Secretarial and back office assistance. Find sustainability within our community. ( Business to Business). Be a support, motivation, resource center to our community businesses.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We will use the prize money to build our infrastructure, venue equipment. Extend our presence in the community. Build display cases for our corporate social investment – Golden Oldie .

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