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Business Name: Baby Wame Online
Website: www.babywame.co.za
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BabyWameOnline

Business Description

An online retail online business that sells baby and kids products nationwide. The products consists of different collection of feeding, travel, safety and nursery accessories and more.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Due to the challenge I am facing in the business that I listed above that led me to identify the product out of all the products that the clients loves and purchase most. I have discovered that the stylish multifunctional nappy bag backpacks sales and interests are what keeps the business going. They are really loved by clients and really love to turn their interests into a successful sale. Bitten started doing a research and realised that there is no baby boutique yet that specialises with a specific baby product and nothing else so that made me think of opening a boutique of that mind, one product speciality. The R100 000 will be used to add to the funds I need to open that that baby boutique. I would like to use it as available working /backup capital that will be there for the business for the first 3-6months before the business starts to run itself financially or makes money. In a short version ofexplaimation it is that the R100 000 will be used for the expansion of the business saying that because I will not be dumping the online shop but use both the method that if a clit prefers to buy online they buy online and the ones that prefers walk-ins they still get that opportunity. Having to give the exact phyical address to give to the clients online will also build trust as well thst atleast if this people happens they scam me, I will go direct to the shop and that increases the sales.

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