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Business Name: R&R Catering
Website: www.rnrcatering.co.za
Facebook Page: www.RnRCatering.Services

Business Description

R&R catering are an independent, sole trader catering company who specialise in cake designs, desserts, cookies, biscuits and savoury treats. All of our food is made to order. We create all kinds of delicacies, so we do not work off set menus. We cater to your individual needs.
Our themed cake and cupcake designs are a party favourite. We do photo cakes, Spiderman cakes, Hello Kitty cakes, bachelorette party cakes, Betty Boop cakes…etc. Anything you can think of or want for your special occasion.
We also receive a lot of orders for our dessert ranges and general cakes. These range from various flavours of cheese cake, to chocolate mousse or chocolate caramel cake. All of our cakes and sweet delicacies are made with free range eggs only!
Our party snack foods are also a desired favourite amongst our clients. These can be anything from mini pies & sausage rolls, to samoosas, to sandwiches and any other delicious savoury you can imagine. We do not use any soya products. We only work with the freshest ingredients.

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Purchase enough stock and equipment to take on bigger orders and employ an assistant

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