Business Information

Business Name: Vortex Design Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Website: www.vortexdesignsolutions.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/vortexdesignsolutions

Business Description

We are Brand Architects, we build Smart Spaces. Through supply of the following services:
– Architecture,
– Interior Design,
– Custom Furniture Design & Procurement,
– Construction through to Final Building Fit-out,
– Building Compliance Specialists (to obtain Council Occupation Certificate)

We approach our job from getting to know our clients, assess their needs, their brands, how they interact with their clients and with each other, to plan their current or new space around this criteria while taking into account good building standards. Backed by an understanding of the necessity for timeless and modular design so that you always get the best return on your investment, we offer a turnkey service so that we can handle the construction and procurement aspects of every design job from start to finish.

We are also currently:
– Rated BEE level 01,
– Cover full Health and Safety for our clients,
– Are covered with contractors All Risk Insurance on every project,
– Are covered with Public Liability and Public Indemnity Insurance.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I always strive to search for opportunities that empower women in our industry because it is currently very male dominated and we are working on a skills development course that promotes job creation by taking women from underprivileged communities and introducing them into the construction industry through various apprenticeship opportunities using the networks I have built up over the last 12 years in my industry. A portion of this prize will be used to develop the resources needed to on-board these women.
R 3000 x 12 = R 36 000
Our capital to date has been reinvested into the company to employ additional staff to service our clients better by also regularly upgrading our operating procedures.
A portion of the prize money will be utilized for the project management software we require to streamline our service offering, allowing our clients interaction with their various design and construction projects in real time so that they can be involved in each step and see how far each process is progressing, to assist effective implementation of projects and prevent delays and miscommunication.
R 1260 x 12 Months = R 15 120
With the growing popularity of DIY and the looming awareness of the everyone’s fluctuating financial situations, we have identified a niche in the market for people needing to access Interior Designers as a more cost effective alternative because they hold the knowledge to assist with space planning, design and product advice, techniques and access to good suppliers who can execute the work on time and within or below budget. We have started developing the framework for this online portal to connect Designers and Clients to each other thereby increasing value on both sides, but it requires capital. It will offer clients an opportunity to purchase customized pieces of design services from a simple space plan to a council drawing or an electrical layout from an intricate design or simple design option based on price and need.
We will use a portion of the prize money to launch this product, it will require a solid base to launch it into the market on all social platforms over a period of 6 months to create awareness of the product we will employ 2 full time staff members to manage the program and upgrade quarterly as it’s popularity grows.
R 3700 x 12 = R 44400
With whatever monies are remaining on each project, we will feed it into social media and advertising.

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