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GrowBox manufactures wooden veggie boxes that enables our clients to grow their own food organically at their own home. These wooden veggie boxes is perfect for inner city, backyard dwellers or for those living in informal settlements where landscape is minimal.
As an added revenue stream we also have a wholesale seedling nursery that grows vegetable and herb seedlings wholesale for farms, retail nurseries and government entities.
Our value proposition is that we supply our veggie boxes fully stocked with the grow medium and the vegetable seedlings in a hassle free veggie garden option. As a social enterprise we position ourselves with CSR initiatives to provide food gardening workshops and the inputs(fully stocked veggie boxes) to disadvantaged households through our food gardening workshops. Thereby bringing food security to the households that needs it the most.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Grow Tunnel – R18 000
Shade House – R15 000
Extending Irrigation system – R10 000
New update (payment integration) website – R12 000
Table saw and carpentry equipment for manufacturing – R20 000
Labeling machine and labels – R5 000

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