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Reva Watson is a Cape Town based specialist property lawyer dedicated to all property and land-rights related matters. Realising clients required an appropriate mix of professional advice, quality work and a personal touch, Reva Watson opened Watson Attorneys in 2012.
With over 14 years of legal experience on the subject, Watson Attorneys provides effective, cost effective and considered legal advice, covering: new leases, issues with leases, property transfers, registration of land rights, renewable energy servitudes, notarial deeds and estates.
The basis of our firm works on the principle of quick, effective legal advice provided to clients, without the large price tag. We have managed to minimise our costs to clients by minimising our overheads and streamlining the processes and having clear costs and fee structures that provide clients with the comfort of knowing what they are in for and that they understand the process they are undertaking.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100 000 towards effective marketing will triple its value in return! It will be an amazing injection to take my business to the next level. I have had to limit my marketing budget so as to keep overheads low, and I have only been able to execute a tenth of the marketing campaigns I have planned.
We are in a very difficult time in the economy at the moment and smaller firms, like mine, have been hit extremely hard, however I believe that the market will recover, and if I am able to properly market ahead of the curve I truly believe that when the market turns there will be no stopping me.

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