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Body stress release is a gentle technique through which stored mechanical, chemical or emotional stress is released to enable the body to start healing itself. Most clients come for BSR when all else failed to relieve them from pain, for example frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, cramps, sciatica, numbness or pins and needles in hands and feet, constant headaches and migraines to name a few. Also very effective in relieving anxiety, different forms of anger and uplifting the mood. Clients would need to commit to 3 appointments within 10 days. It is a process and not a quickfix.

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I work from home now as I cannot afford to rent workspace where more people would get to know about me and what I do. The same applies for online marketing. If I had access to more money, I could get a proffesionally designed website as well as create more online visibility. I have access to the most competent people to help me with all I need, but cannot afford them right now.

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