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Business Name: Rochelle SAS Clothing Pty Ltd
Facebook Page: Rochelle SAS Clothing Pty Ltd

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Women’s Clothing for all shapes and sizes. My love for clothes started because I have so much respect for women and what they stand for as Mother’s, sisters, friends, business owners, wife’s, the list is endless and somehow we loose track of taking care of ourselves, So I have created a home based feel good room where insecuries are laid to rest and confidence is born. My prayer is that when we part ways that each and every woman I encounter leaves feeling confident, beautiful and absolutely convinced that taking care of yourself first is not selfish, but beneficial for those you love most.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100k will allow me to buy more machines, to employ more women, I want to start a movement showing women in our community that they can better themselves

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