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Mesmerizing Mixes provides baking premixes of a high quality to any person in South Africa (or beyond) who might not have the time or skills to make a homemade dish from scratch, but still enjoys the feeling of serving fresh food with the tantalizing aromas to family and friends.

The idea for Mesmerizing Mixes was born in 2016, by the quest for convenient, easy, Halaal baking that tastes like home made goods. The business is modelled on small batch production, and prides itself on being handmade baking premixes, not bulk mixed factory produced. This results in better quality and taste. We started off with 10 variants and have now extended to 15 products in our range. The range has a wide variety of items, not the usual that will be found on store shelves. The business has grown significantly in this time and I have learnt a lot on my journey thus far. Customer satisfaction and feedback is key. With my limited business knowledge, I have managed to take my home industry, selling at local night markets, into a small business with a brand that is starting to be recognised within certain communities. Brand awareness extends to noticeable packaging, high social media presence and of course getting the products into stores. We have expanded the Mesmerizing Mixes family and are currently at 20 stockists countrywide and counting.
With growth, there always comes challenges, and I need to equip myself in order to overcome these obstacles.

I have many new ideas to extend my product range, but I lack the facilities and staff to successfully juggle all the balls. I believe that working hard in this business will bring me success and also grant me the opportunity of creating employment, giving back to the community, building a green conscious company and contributing to the growth of the economy of South Africa.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I am currently busy setting up a website. I would love for it to be a fully fledged e-commerce store. Quotes i have received for these are in the region of R20 000. I also require semi automated machinery for my production. Faster production times will mean we can focus on finding more customers to distribute to. I would like to invest in a sewing machine or 2… i would love to add on to my range kitchen accessories. Buying sewing machines will enable me to employ people to make these items for me as opposed to buying mass produced items that are manufactured in China. We need to start appreciating and supporting local industries and give back to our own economy!

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