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Business Name: Odd Wine Out
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Odd Wine Out specialises in customised branded wines for corporate gifting, weddings and special events.

As a value added service, I provide clients with fun and innovative team building events with wine being the core focus, such as wine blending and creating your own wine label, wine coloring events and wine pairing.

I also do innovative wine products such as wine infused salt, wine popsicles and wine ice cream. This is often the highlight at events and markets.

Lastly but not least, Odd Wine Out also sells wine direct from boutique wine farms from Western Cape.

I have a strict principle for Odd Wine Out, “if I don’t drink it, I don’t sell it.”

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

This is how I will break down the R100K:

R20k to set up sessions with a business coach to get a deep understanding of my business from an expert’s point of view.

R50k to set up a show room.

R10k to set up an online wine shop.

R15k to buy more stock.

R5000 for marketing.

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