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Titanium Media South Africa (TMSA) was established by seasoned journalist, Sheetal Cross (, who identified a need for Entrepreneurial Media Empowerment Programmes, arising from new media trends. In order to facilitate that need, she established a 100 %, Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Women-owned, Media Company, TITANIUM MEDIA SOUTH AFRICA (TMSA).

The AIM of TMSA is to guide Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Organisations, SMME’s, Corporates and Business Owners, on how to navigate the mammoth media industry. TMSA operates on the belief that a business is more likely to succeed when the driver has access to resources, as well as genuine, credible and factual information. Our aim, through seminars and private media training, is to provide affordable knowledge sharing opportunities. To achieve this, TMSA has partnered with industry specialist, Olivia Jones Symcox from OJC Communications (

Our OBJECTIVE is simply to educate, empower and facilitate sustainable change at any level of growth, through the provision of imperative and effective media, language and communication skills.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

To maximise profits, we would like to ascertain our own printing machinery and binding equipment, so that production can occurr in house, rather than outsourced.

In addion, we would love to develop our website functionality to include self service offerings and engagements, tutorials and other, which can offer customers greater access to information and increase online product pruchases. Our aim, is to develop digital products that can be downloaded, expediting sales.

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