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We are the first and only buyback center in our township, we buy cardboard, plastic, paper, cans, and glass bottles. We service more than 50 informal recyclers in our township. We also do collections from households, clinics, taverns, bottle stores, illegal dumping sites, events, corporates, conferences, stores, tertiary institutions, and hotels. We have four permanent employees who are from our township. The main aim behind our business is to minimize waste that goes to the landfill site, but also to combat hunger and poverty and create employment while cleaning the township environment. Our unique selling point is that we are the only place that buys glass bottles in our township. We conduct recycling activity in a dignified manner, we provide the informal recyclers with trolleys which they use when collecting waste. We pay instantly. We also do house-to-house collections. How we make money? After collecting waste from different places we then sell it to Mpact, Distell, Consol and Reclamation. We are currently busy with plans to start on cutting the glass bottles and turn them into drinking glasses and chandeliers.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Since we have access to a lot of used glass and glass can be recycled up to infinity the fifty thousand rands will be used to buy glass processing equipment which will be used to turn glass bottles into drinking glasses, jars and decorative material. We have already identified a company that sells such machinery and we also have a market of which are places like lounges and tarvens.

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