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I am a mom blogger, I share my experiences, my journey and my day to day life. My aim is to Inspire, to Impact and to give hope to other mothers. I am a married mom of 4, on my blog we discuss life, parenting, being a mom, self care, affirming our children, schooling, married life and being a woman.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would invest in my business by taking qualify photos and videos. This requires buying a high quality photographic and video equipment. Further to that, the redesigning of my blog to enhance in to international standards so that it has that crisp, quality finish which will be easy for moms to navigate.
Each week on my blog I now have what I call a #MomChat where we discuss a topic or get other moms involve who either record themselves or they can become guest writers. Having already used 3 International guest writers on the blog, my focus to will keep my topics relevant to increase these to 5 a week. As I have been a guest writer for 2 international mom blogs, these symbiotic international will bode well to attract international investors.

1. My goal for 2019 with #MomsChat is to get a sponsor on board whereby once or twice a month I meet up with a mom for coffee or a lunch and talk about raw and real stories or topics which affect us as moms. After the session hand them a goodie bag (#MomsChat t-shirt, mug, hand lotion and a voucher for a massage or lunch.)Something for the mama to enjoy on her own etc. Further to that, get them in contact with a “wellness affiliate” to assist in remedying their daily mundane situations to lift them out of a rut.

2. I also have a #momsmorningdrive on Friday with myself and the kids. We pick a topic discuss it, pick a song and we sing together and we do our daily prayer before we head off to school. I would like to get a sponsor or two on board for this drive. We can start off the drive at the sponsors location have breakfast or a milkshake together do our drive at their location and off we go to school. Some mornings dont always work out then we switch it to an afternoon drive, the same would apply.

3. I would Invest in an underwear photoshoot for myself. I am a mom of 4 with a curvy body and I am comfortable and content with it. Stretch marks (love lines) and cellulite and all.I would love to approach brands to start having real, authentic women model thieir brand. I love myself and I think its so important for moms to know you dont have to be a certain size to be sexy, if your happy and content with your body shape, we must own it and accept it.

4. As mom blog grows, I would like take moms through a “cocoon” phase with a wellness treatment. Wellness of body, mind and spirit by offering courses like; cooking classes, self-defence classes, dance classes etc. basically giving power back to moms who have lost the nerve for life.

Moms take care of the next generation, we nuture, we love, we guide. How much better will we be able to be as moms if we can take care of ourselves first, fill our own love tanks in order to pour out to others

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