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Let us take care of your furkids while you are away on holiday or business trip, knowing that they are in the good hands of our experienced and trustworthy petsitters.
We have different options to suit your needs:
1) STAY-IN (R250 per night)
We stay in your house with your furries, for the duration of your absence, and life for them stay as normal as they are used to, getting their food, fresh water, meds (if needed), cuddles and walks on time.
2) DAY-VISIT (R200 per day)
We arrive at your house at 8am (or time you request) feed your pets, giving clean fresh water, meds (if needed), take them for a walk (weather permitting and if allowed) and whatever else you request, and stay with them for the day (not sleeping over)
3) POP-IN (R100 once a day/ R150 twice per day)
We visit your house and furries every day, to feed, give fresh water, and spend an hour with them giving them love and cuddles.

We do a Meet-n-Greet before the sitting so that we can meet your furkids, they can meet us, and also to discuss all the detail of the Petsitting service that you require.
This can be arranged at a time that would suit you and will take about 30 minutes

We know how important it is for you to be at peace, knowing that your pet, whether it is a furkid, featherkid or fish, are well being taken care of and are happy. That is why we stay in contact with you, sending you regular updates and photos, if you prefer, of playtime and enrichment activities.

– Basic care of your pets (food, water, and meds if needed)
– Daily walks (weather permitting and if allowed)
– Basic maintenance and hiegine of pet bedding and enclosures
– Basic introduction training (if desired) – Sit, Stay etc
– If your pets need to be bathed or brushed, we do it with love

REFERENCES AVAILABLE (List with contactable numbers can he emailed)
Special requests welcome

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We would invest it in a proper marketing drive as well as a vehicle that is small and economic to be able to get to customers quicker and offer our services in neighbouring towns in the Overberg area

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