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Business Name: Happy Earth People
Website: www.happyearthpeople.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/happyearthpeople/

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In 2015 we decided make a range of nutritious, eco-conscious pasta products, using one magical superfood as our core ingredient – legumes.
Happy Earth People red lentil and chickpea pasta is made from nothing but pure red lentils and pure chickpeas – no additives. With almost 24 grams of protein and plenty of fiber. The plant protein found in legumes provide the body with steady long-lasting energy. We believe in the goodness and sustainability of legumes; for both our health and the planet.

Did you know that not only are they packed with protein and minerals, but legumes are “nitrogen-fixers” too? Thanks to the good bacteria found in their root systems, legumes leave soil even healthier after harvest.

Simply put; we love what we do and we do it with love. For the betterment of our earth and our community. We are trying to make a difference in the South African landscape, and were the first to create these powerhouse pastas almost three years ago, in our kitchen at home with a wine bottle as a rolling pin.

More then products on a shelf, we want to increase pulse awareness, production and consumption in South Africa. To us, they present a very tangible solution to climate change related food security issues.

That’s us in a pod. Strong-Willed females, determined to reconnect to wholeness. The goal is to contribute, to bring about harmony in how we eat, think and see our future on this beautiful place we get to call home.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We would use the money to buy a bigger machine and dryer. It would significantly increase our capacity, and further create sustainable jobs in our facility.

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