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Business Name: Camping Zone Car Wash
Facebook Page: www.facebook/com.camping zone car wash

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Camping Zone Car Wash is a car wash that is located in Austin view Midrand, we are catering for 6 surrounding townships and suburbs. We are not just a car wash, but we have existing activites on site that makes our car wash unique in the area, our activities makes us the ” the go to” car wash in Midrand. At our car wash we have a traditional food outlet, I cook traditional food and sell, which is the most selling item at our car wash, I am wishing to have a buy and braai too.
We have a barber shop on side. For entertainment, we have table soccer, pool table and live soccer screening. We don’t not sell alcohol nor cigarette. We are located in an amazing area which I converted to a park with trees, my clients can have a peace of mind while waiting for their cars.

I have employed 10guys as washers, 7 women, 3 kitchen assistants, 3 car guards, 2 securities.

I am also supporting small businesses, I have 3 suppliers.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100k will help me secure the place with fencing the area with pilasades, installing cameras, paving the area and adding more Carports.

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