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Business Name: vandis deli
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So the deli is a little shop at the Bosveld center its a little hidden gem it opened on the 02 September 2017 it is a year and 4 months old now. All the food that is made at the deli is prepared by me and my staff members we are a team of 3 and we work very well together the deli is more of a deli eatery because i have a restaurant back round. We do outside catering and private cheffing in peoples houses were we go out and give them a fine dining experience. I also do alot of freelancing at surrounding lodges and this also helps the deli out alot. We also have some cheeses and cold meats make fresh breads everyday some days when its not too hot we make pastrys we serve meat and cheese boards and tapas..mezze platters alot of fresh produce.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would like to employ someone to do my marketing and another chef aswell fulltime so that we can get more work outside i do use students but i need someone permanent.I would like to put aircon in the deli to do pastrys everyday and to sell to some of the lodges on a bigger scale…I would want to empower more woman in these rural eraes to start producing food baked goods from home as an extra income and by doing this i need to start a small kitchen in those araes.. So ja this is me andthis is what i would like to do.

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