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Business Name: Sakhiwesihle QY construction
Website: www.sakhiwesihle.co.za
Facebook Page: www.facebook/sakhiwesihleqyconstruction.com

Business Description

Educationa and skills development is one of the most improved sector in South Africa . Sadly they are no job opportunities to match the skills aqcured . In the construction industry , there are lots of skilled builders who opt for indipendent operations due to unemployment . The main problem is that as skilled as they are in the technical building work they do lack other important skills such as Project , Management , financial Management , proffessionalism and other operational skills . This impacts to the work that they do since it make a lot of customers unhappy . After a horrible experience with builders that are unreliable Sakhiwesihle QY Construction was then born to solve this problem by collecting not only builders but everyone who has a construction skill , teach them these important skills through a skills development programme that we facilitate throught out the year and put them in a probation period before we employ them permanantly . Sakhiwesihle with clients at heart offers the following services : Surveying , plan and concept , Building, Plumbing, Electrical wiring, tiling, ceiling, carpentry , painting , paving , taring, fencing and gates . with our mission to make building easier and cheaper for clients we then divide these services into 4 service packages namely ;
1. Full package : this includes all services we offer
2. Start up building package : which includes plan,building , plumbing and electrical wiring
3. Inside package : tiling , ceiling and carpentry
4. Outside package : plastering , painting , paving/taring , fencing and gate.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We would buy equipment – R60 000
Invest the R40 in our skills development programme to ensure that we upskill our builders and ensure that they get qualifications

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