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Business Name: Discover Montessori
Website: www.discoverm.co.za
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/discovermont

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Discover Montessori is an established Early Childhood Development Centre that uses the Montessori method for educating children in the Discovery Township. We have been successfully operating for 5 years. We have helped educate more than 60 children since inception and send those children to school competent, knowledgeable and confident to take on formal education in South Africa. Besides our children being academically strong, we also helped teach them life skills like swimming, coordination through dancing and augment their learning through our music academy where they learn to play the piano. We have introduced a hidden curriculum where the children are taught emotional intelligence through behaviour modeling and demonstration. In 2017 we have started introducing our young students to coding in the most human concrete form. The concrete coding is to teach the children input, process, output and debugging through a practical game. Our proudest achievement is providing a place where the children can feel loved and be free to discover their potential. When a child feels loved – the learning becomes easy.

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How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We will be delighted to win the R100 K. It will be used to employ help (marketing specialist) for an interim period so we can implement our marketing, sales and brand awareness strategy in order to increase our numbers to at least 39 children on our current premises. I will position the contract with the marketing specialist to development myself and reuse the marketing mechanism and tips learnt to increase the numbers continuously. This means with the increase in clients – we will be able to employ more staff and increase capacity.

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