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Madam and Muffin Man believes it’s the small things in life that count. Finding joy in the little pleasures life has to offer, brings about smiles and positive attitudes all around. We believe that every person deserves to feel special and loved.

Greeting people in the morning traffic with a packet of freshly baked scrumptious muffins with a note of inspiration (served with a smile!!) makes the road to work seem less daunting. Many of our customers would drive ‘the extra mile’ to not lose out on their muffin treat of the day.

Our delicious mouth watering muffins are available as a treat for yourself to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Or as a care packet filled with love, appreciation and motivation to be given to your employees or anyone you pass by.

We believe in making use of local people in our community for all our business needs, supporting them and helping them grow their businesses as well.

Madam and Muffin Man has a heart for helping homeless addicts in various ways and believe in the principle of ‘Paying-it-Forward’.


How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

* To improve work space and get bigger oven
* Do proper marketing at businesses
* Use to implement the ‘#makemymondaymuffins’ plan
(extra special muffins on Mondays).
* Employ more Muffin Men
* Proper uniforms to uphold our image.

* To do courses to learn all I can about Marketing and how to improve and grow the

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