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Business Name: My Funky Creations
Facebook Page: Www.facebook.com/myfunkycreations

Business Description

We specialize in the creation of custom made piñatas for a variety of functions:
* Birthdays
* weddings
* Corporate
* Marketing etc.

We don’t just sell Piñatas… We sell joy, happiness and memories.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I already have a Business Plan.

I don’t only want to sell dreams, i want to create them too. I want to employ local under privileged woman and teach them how to become financially independent. (by means of salary, training and coaching). So many woman has great potential, but dont have a proper education to back them up, placing them in a disadvantage position when they go job hunting. I want to empower them with knowledge om how to make ends meat.

My business plan includes a share profits model… Where each employee will be able to save their profits till they leave the company.

As a market strategy i want to register as a vendor at various retailers and medium enterprizes.

I want to partner with a variety of small woman owned businesses, to support local mompreneurs.

I am currently busy to create a website to support my dreams to export Piñatas to different parts of the world.

Should i win the R100k, it will be used to start a manufacturing line, employ local underprivileged woman for manufacturing and design positions, as well as sales rep that will work on a basic salary+commission rate. I will be able to apply finds to advertising and marketing and buying of materials.

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